Exams/Study Leave 

Study leave information

AS exam leave starts Monday 23 May. AS students return on Monday 13 June. Week commencing 16 May lessons continue - students who have exams this week will only have time off to sit their actual exam.

A2 courses have their last formal lesson on Friday 20 May.  Students are then on study leave but their teachers will be available at the usual lesson times to offer support and to answer any questions.  Students may formally leave College once they have completed all their exams.

All BTEC/Secretarial Courses information can be found further down the page.

Exam timetable information

By now students will have received their summer exam timetables. We have a high number of exam clashes this year, ie two or more exams scheduled for exactly the same time. These have been sorted out and the times on your timetable may be different to those for your friends, or the time told to you by your teachers.

Coursework units are also shown on your timetable, but these obviously do not have a date beside them.

Please check your own exam timetable very carefully and come to the Exams Office if you have any queries at all. Make sure you read the attachments to your timetable.

If your timetable shows one exam following on from another one, you just need to turn up at the right room and your next exam paper will be brought to you. In some cases an exam may have been moved from morning to afternoon or vice versa, in which case you need to make sure you bring a packed lunch on that day, as you will be under supervision.

Exam information

Please arrive 10 minutes before the start time for your exam. We do our best to start exams on time, ie 9am or 1.30pm, but late arrivals often mean the start is delayed and this is not fair to students who arrive on time.

It is your responsibility to bring to the exam everything you need, the Exams Office is unable to supply you with items.

A timetable showing the rooms for each exam is on the Exams Noticeboard, which is in the corridor leading to the Admissions and Attendance Office and the Medical Room. The same exam could take place in several rooms, so make sure you know exactly where your exam is. If you have one exam following on from another, these are listed separately on the Noticeboard timetable, and may well be in a different room. Again, we are more than happy to assist you if you are unsure.

Detailed room plans showing names of students in each room will be posted on the noticeboard shortly.

Please ensure that the College has up to date telephone numbers and contact addresses, should we need to telephone you if you do not arrive at the time your exam starts.

Please note you will be charged for the cost of the exam if you miss it. If you have medical evidence to prove you were unwell this charge may be waived.

Exam certificates

If you are leaving College this year, your actual exam certificates will be posted out to you later in the year by Recorded Delivery. Please ensure we have your correct address. The College is not liable for the cost of replacements if your certificates are lost because you have not given us your new address. Certificates are very expensive to replace and the cost will be at your own expense.


Year 2 Level 3 BTECs: Lessons continue to Friday 8 July. Once all units are completed to at least Pass standard, students may leave College after this date.

Year 1 Level 3 BTECs: Lessons continue to Friday 8 July. Students must complete the first year if they plan to continue to year 2.

Level 1 and Level 2 BTECs: Students are expected to complete all their units to Pass standard by Friday 17 June. However, some lessons may continue after this time and students are advised to see their individual teachers for exact end dates. Only when all work has been completed may students leave College.

Secretarial courses

Year 2: Lessons continue until students have completed all their exams after which students are free to leave the College.

Year 1: Last lesson is 20 May. Students are then on exam leave and return to lessons on Monday 13 June.

Contact Exams office:

The Exams Office can be contacted by calling 01375 370121 or emailing; exams@palmers.ac.uk

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