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Below are the instructions on how to download the College App

  • Look for REMS Student on App Store or Google Play

  • Once installed, touch the Settings tile on the bottom right.

  • Enter these details:

    • College server:
    • User ID:  Palmers\userid (note: use a backslash “\”).
         This is the ID you use to log on to the College network. 
    • Password:  Your College network password
  • Touch the word Connect (in blue beneath these settings)
    • You get a message to say Successfully logged in (touch OK)
  • Touch the Sync Data tile (next to Settings)
  • Touch the word Sync (in blue beneath the description on the Sync Data page)
    • You get a message to say Data Synced (touch OK)

How to resolve issues using the Mobile App

Q.  I’ve entered my details correctly but can’t connect

A.   Commonly, students forget to put “Palmers\” (without the quotes) in front of their username. Make sure you use the back slash “\” too!

Q.  OK, I have Palmers\ in front of my username but still can't connect

A.    Check whether you are connected to WiFi. If not but have a good signal, then turn on Cellular Data or Mobile Data under Settings for this app. This will allow you to send data through your 3G or 4G signal.

Q.  I have done this but still cannot connect

A.    Has your password expired? You can reset this through the portal link on the website.

Q.  I’m sure I have done all this but still can't connect

A.  Go to the IT Department or the MIS Department where a member of staff will resolve your issue.


  • How to use without WiFi.
    For Apple iOS go to Settings and scroll down to REMS Student. Select this and then turn on “Use Cellular Data” or “Use Mobile Data” or similar. Android devices can also have mobile data turned on in a similar way.

{Note: Be aware that data usage may cost depending on your mobile phone contract}

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