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Difficult situations arise for everybody from time to time e.g. personal, family, or money problems as well as problems with studying, exams and welfare issues. There are many ways of coping with these difficulties, but it often helps to talk things through with someone you can trust such as a friend or Personal Progress Tutor. Our Student Services team provide a fantastic service in delivering a professional service for our students.

Student Counselling Support

However, sometimes students face a problem with a personal situation which they do not wish to discuss with their Personal Progress Tutor. In a situation like this, you can always make an appointment with Nickie Hillebrandt or Vicky Neagan who are both based at the bottom of the Study Plus Corridor. If students have any problems or enquiries, they are there to talk to them and to help resolve the difficulty.

Counselling is a special relationship in which you have someone to talk to who you can trust, who does not make judgements and who will try to understand your feelings and experience. Some agencies hold clinics in College. Information about these services will be advertised in the student newsletter, “InPrint.”

You are free to contact the Counsellors yourself or by asking your tutor to refer you. They will see students informally, during “drop-in” sessions, or through appointments. Further details of this service will be posted in each tutor group room.

A couple of useful websites, recommended by one of our experienced on campus counsellors, are: and WIZE-UP which is a Drug & Alcohol Support Service for Young People, Children and Families, based in Grays. Phone or text 07920 807752/07920 807726 or

Medical Advice

The College has a team of trained First Aiders and a fully equipped medical room. If students are unwell or need medical advice, help is always at hand.

Mental Health, Wellbeing and Fitness to Study Policy

Student Anti-bullying and Harassment Policy

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