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The Study Plus Centre is a modern, vibrant learning area which is available for our new and existing students. The centre opens from 8.30am until College closes. It is staffed by a wide range of experienced Learning Consultants who can advise on all aspects of learning. Study Plus represents a practical expression of Palmer’s commitment to equality and diversity.

If you experience any difficulty with your studying, you can call upon additional help from our team of Learning Consultants located in the brand new Study Plus Centre. Here you can receive the support you need to make your learning more effective whatever level of difficulty you may have.

What the Study Plus Centre can help with:

  • Literacy, writing, spelling etc
  • Numeracy at all levels
  • Understanding tricky topics that you just can't get your head around!
  • Improving essay writing
  • Effective revision techniques

In Study Plus, we offer a wide range of support from dyslexia testing to improving examination techniques. Advice and individual help is available for any student who would like to investigate ways of improving their learning skills. Your personal tutor, or your subject teacher, can arrange for an assessment which will enable a learning plan to be produced for you. A wide range of assistive technology is also available. You can also call into the Study Plus Centre to make an appointment or discuss any issues that may be affecting your learning.

We also deal with any exam access arrangements you might need. These include: access to a word processor, a scribe, extra-time, timed tests, coloured paper etc.

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