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​Palmer's is here to support you


When you join Palmer's College, we want to make sure that you get as much support as possible to ensure you achieve your potential. Every student is offered a screening test during Palmer's Day One. Any learning needs are highlighted and support mechanisms are put in place to help you with your studies during your time with us.

Each student is allocated to a Tutor Group with a Personal Progress Tutor (PPT). The PPT will see the students regularly and will help them prepare for examinations and progression to universities and employment as well as completing a range of activities on social, health and economic related issues.

The PPT monitors the progress of each individual student in their Tutor Group and will liaise with parentsin order to help them resolve problems relating to or affecting their son or daughter. Reports detailing performance against minimum expected grades, effort and attendance will be available every half term. Parents’/Guardians’ Consultation Evenings are held in November and March.

Our students deserve high standards of learning and support; to help them achieve their goals we have a Study Plus Centre, which provides advice and support to improve learning strategies and raise achievement. Investing time in understanding how to manage their learning has enabled students to gain confidence and improve their grades. Excellent support is also available for students with learning/physical disabilities.

Student Services are exceptional at Palmer's College - the College has highly experienced counsellors, a fully equipped Study Plus Centre, an award-winning Careers Service and a Library and Resource Centre.

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