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Which ​course ​is ​right ​for ​me?

We offer different types of courses to suit students at different levels so it is important that you pick the right ones for you based on your likely GCSE grades.

Level 3 courses

We offer A-level, Applied A-level, vocational courses and a variety of Secretarial and Administration courses. These Level 3 courses run over two years.

Choosing your subjects

Your Course:

A typical first year student will complete up to 21 hours classroom study per week, plus additional work at home. In the second or third year this will reduce in preparation for exams.

Here are some examples of typical course combinations:

  • Three A-levels 
  • Vocational Level 3 Extended Diploma, with or without GCSEs, a two year course
  • Vocational Level 2 Extended Certificate plus one or two GCSEs, a one year course
  • Vocational Level 1 course, a one year course

If you opt to take a Secretarial and Administration course, you will typically study:

  • CILEx Legal Secretaries course plus GCSE Maths if required
  • Single subject, one block courses that may be combined with A-level subjects or a Level 3 vocational course

After you apply

As part of your induction you will have an interview to discuss your initial course choice, followed by an interview in July. Choosing your courses can be difficult and we understand that you may change your mind. This is not a problem as long as you have thought through your reasons. No courses are settled until August when you have your GCSE results, but once you have started your courses we expect you to see them through to the end.

Your GCSE grades

If you have been offered a place at Palmer’s College, it will still be open to you even if you don’t get the grades you wanted, however, your courses may be adjusted according to your grades. Staff will help you make this decision when the time comes. Even if you have to stay an extra year to accomplish the goals you have set we will support you.


Enrolment for new students will take place near the end of August. All students must attend, in person, with their examination results. Please be aware that places are not guaranteed on any course for students who do not attend enrolment.

Course index

We offer over 60 different courses that can be combined in a variety of ways to suit your strengths and preferences. We are constantly adding to and updating our courses, but this index was correct at the time of publication. If you have not yet decided on a particular career or higher education route to follow beyond Palmer’s College then don’t worry; you’re not alone! With the help of staff and specialist advice from the Careers Department, you will be able to select a broad base of subjects that will enable you to make the most of:

  • Your talents and abilities
  • Your subject strengths and interests
  • Your likely GCSE results
  • The new subjects available
  • Your thoughts about your future, goals and aspirations

Courses at Palmer's College

Palmer’s College offers different types of courses to suit students at three levels, so it is important that you pick the right level for you.

We offer A-level, Applied A-level, Level 3 Vocational Diplomas, Level 3 Subsidiary Diplomas and Level 3 Certificates and Secretarial and Administration courses.

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