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Length of course one year

Entry criteria

Grade D in GCSE English Language.

Why study GCSE English?

We offer the opportunity to improve your GCSE English grade. We have a large team of experienced and dedicated teachers and our pass rate is higher than the national average. The course is an intensive one-year programme, with a focus on developing the skills that will enable you to make progress. You will have three hours of lessons every week.

A grade C or above in GCSE English is required for nearly all further and higher education and for a wide range of employment.

We teach the AQA Level 1/2 Certificate (IGCSE), which is recognised by universities and employers as an equivalent to a GCSE course.

What do I study?

The course consists of three units.

Paper 1: Reading and writing non-fiction texts. 50% of total mark. This will be assessed by an exam in June.

Paper 2: Source based reading and writing. 40% of total mark. This will be assessed by an exam in June or one coursework task set by teachers.

Speaking and Listening: One individual presentation done in college during the year. 10% of total mark.

Students can be entered for higher or foundation tiers.

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