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E​nrichment C​ourses

These courses are designed to help give you an overall timetable that is full, varied and useful.

Enrichment courses do not require you to take exams or homework, although you can gain additional qualifications and proficiency awards in a variety of areas. The additional skills and experience acquired through enrichment courses can have a direct relevance to future career and higher education choices.

Courses include:

  • A1 Course for top grade students and high flyers
  • Extended Project for 2nd years who want to prepare for university
  • French/German/Spanish Plus to prepare AS languages speaking skills
  • Literacy Skills to help students express themselves clearly, fully and logically
  • Rugby Academy for students who want to represent the college at Rugby
  • Team Sports for students who want represent the college in competitive sports
  • Voluntary Service to develop and enhance students skills of working with people

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