Success Stories of Past Students - Christopher Glasson

14 November 2017

This week, we caught up with Christopher Glasson, here is what he said:

I studied A-Level Maths, Physics, Economics and General Studies at Palmer’s College from 1997-1999. Aside from Economics, I gave into parental pressure on studying Physics and Maths. I shouldn’t have taken them, as I did really well in Economics and felt the other subjects really weren’t for me. My advice to students is to choose subjects you like and are good at!

Thankfully I did excel at Economics (the teachers were great at Palmer’s, plus the college trips were pretty special) and that got me into university where I studied Business Economics. University was the most fun experience of my life, I came out with the debts to prove it, but I also came out with a First Class Degree.

I went onto work at the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), as I didn’t want to go into banking, despite the door being wide open for me. At the FOS I learned dispute resolution and complaint handling in a number of fields such as banking, investment and insurance and I moved up the ranks until I was managing teams. It was rewarding work, but all along I had been setting up my own clothes label and music promotion business (Instagram and Twitter - @redshiftrebels).

Over the years my club nights and involvement in promoting new music and artists led to me taking the leap into doing this full time and giving up my role at the FOS. It was scary and my income is now based purely on how hard I work, which isn’t very hard at times, and therefore you feel the pinch. But ultimately it’s worth it for being my own boss, especially when you do put the extra work in, you reap the rewards.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet and hang out with lots of my musical heroes such as the Bloc Party, Libertines, The Smiths, a whole host of DJ’s and MC’s from Radio 1, Radio X, you name it, and I still put on lively events in East London now which sure beats commuting into London every day.

More recently I have launched a podcast (@hardcorelisting) with my business partner Stuart Whiffen, we also do a podcast with one of my best mates Scroobius Pip (@scroobiuspipyo) who I met at Palmer’s! We make money from advertising revenue but ultimately it’s an excuse for us to interview a host of talented comedians, actors, musicians and celebrities such as Ed Skrien (Deadpool and Game of Thrones), Gail Porter, Brad Pickett (UFC legend) and Justin Welch (Elastica).

Chris Glasson2

Stuart (left) and Christopher (right).


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