Success Stories of Past Students - Sean Quigley

09 October 2017

This week, we caught up with Sean Quigley, here is what he said:

I was at Palmer’s College from 2009 to 2011 and studied A-Level Business Studies and BTEC Music Technology. From an early age I had an innate desire to pursue a career in the music industry and knew that I would eventually go on to study Music Technology. Studying music at Palmer’s only reinforced my desire to pursue this further.

Once I left Palmer’s I went on to study at the University of Kent and obtained an honours degree in Music Technology in 2014.  

After graduating I was in and out of various musical projects and was constantly on the lookout for industry opportunities. I soon found that just applying online wasn’t working and that if I wanted to break into the industry, then I would have to go knocking on some doors!

Fortunately the band I was in at the time did just that – knocked on a neighbour’s door to be exact! It turned out this neighbour owned a well-established American record label and after exchanging details and sending demo submissions we finally landed a record deal in the summer of 2014 and began working on our debut album – best game of knock down ginger ever!

Our journey through the industry was just beginning and by early 2015 we had shared the stage with the likes of Rudimental, The Cribs, Labrinth and many other artists. We were on a steady climb upwards and it seemed to all be happening so quickly.

Fast forward a year and we’re jetting off to America to tour with Third Eye Blind, meeting with SONY and building a fan base over the pond.

On reflection after returning to England I had time to reassess my career path. Whilst drumming has always been important to me I thought with my skillset it would be more of a productive career option to move into music production.

Despite having applied for numerous positions and failing to even receive a reply to my many applications, I was convinced that one employer would be prepared to take me on as an aspiring recording engineer. With steely determination I sought an internship with record producer/plugin developer Yoad Nevo (Sia, Pet Shop Boys and AIR). To my utter delight and relief he was sufficiently impressed with my credentials and gave me the opportunity to achieve one of my many goals.

Yoad was an inspiring employer who taught me a great deal about music production and increasingly gave me more and more responsibilities within his studio. That year of internship passed so quickly and agreeably.

My advice to anyone looking to pursue a career in any part of the music industry is to strive and always maintain a real sense of belief and confidence in your abilities. Be prepared for the pitfalls, but the opportunity will surely arise.

Sean Quigley


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