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Each year Palmer's College welcomes pupils from year 7 right through to year 10 to various events that are held throughout the year. It is a great opportunity to experience College life and spend the day at our campus.

The Cambridge Initiative (Year 10)

The Cambridge Initiative is very popular and is the perfect opportunity to visit both Palmer’s College and Cambridge University, with 2 days spent at Palmer’s College and 1 day at Cambridge University.

Learn and develop your critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, debating and presenting skills, meet pupils from other schools and take part in Q&A with current students at College and University, tour the campuses and experience College and University life .

Taster Days (Year 10)

Taster Days are a great way to experience College life and participate in lessons or even try subjects you may not study at school.

You will follow a timetable of two lessons, find your own way to classes and around the College, meet current students and explore the campus before ending the day watching our fun and very popular drama performance.

Excellence Days (Year 9)

Excellence Days give you an insight into studying a particular subject at higher level or let you try a subject you are not currently studying but may be interested in discovering. You will get the opportunity to meet current students at Palmer’s and take a tour of the College.

Critical Thinking Days (Year 7 & 8)

Critical Thinking Days are aimed to stimulate, challenge and develop your critical thinking skills through fun, interactive, team-based activities at Palmer’s College.

Want to come along for the day and experience College for yourself?

The days are organised directly with schools. Speak to either your school’s Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator or your Head of Careers, or for more information please contact the Marketing Team at

We have welcomed pupils from Abbs Cross School, Grays Convent School, Hall Mead School, Harris Academy, Hassenbrook Academy, James Hornsby, Brittons Academy, The Chafford School, The Gateway Academy, Hathaway Academy and William Edwards School.

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