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Life at college

img-06We have over 1750 students on campus aged 16-19 years and following one, two or three year full-time courses. Our students come from across 70 different schools in the following areas, Thurrock, Basildon, Brentwood, Billericay, Wickford, Rainham, East London and beyond! ​Meet and work with lots of new students and make new friendships! Getting to Palmer's is easy – click for how to find us!

College is a place of work and you are expected to attend regularly and punctually, and, since there are no bells, arriving on time is your responsibility. The College timetable runs from 9.00am to 4.15pm, Monday to Thursday with an early finish on Friday. There will be times of the day when you are not timetabled for taught classes.

Lessons are a mix of 60 minute sessions and 90 minute sessions with a morning break and up to 60 minutes for lunch. The student social and dining areas are open throughout the day, as well as the library for your use when you do not have lessons. You are expected to set time aside on a regular basis for coursework/essays and follow-up work from your classes.

Most main text books are provided. Day-to-day stationery materials are not provided for you and you will have to contribute towards specialist materials in some practical subjects, e.g. Art and Photography.

You are given a College email address during your induction. Your College email and the College intranet can be accessed from home or synced to your mobile/laptop. The IT team are here to help with this.

Student Services are excellent at Palmer's College - the College has experienced counsellors, a well-equipped Study Plus Centre, an award-winning Careers Centre, Library and Resource Centre, new social spaces, access to a Sports and Fitness Centre on campus and much more.

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