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Support for Students

Parents/Guardians can always contact their son/daughter's Personal Progress Tutor (PPT) or Subject Area Manager (SAM) about any issues they would like to discuss. In addition, they receive a progress update each half term. This tells parents the minimum target grade your son/daughter should aim for, your son/daughter's current grade based on recent work, a grade for the amount of effort he/she has shown, and a figure for attendance.


We encourage you to take responsibility for your own progress and achievement, but, right from the start, you will receive the right kind of guidance that will help you set realistic goals and achieve success. The tutorial system is crucial to your success at college. There are 85 tutor groups, comprising of both 1st and 2nd year students.

Tutor Group

To make sure that you get as much support as possible, you will be assigned to a Tutor Group (TG). Most TGs are made up of both first and second year students from various schools who are studying a range of subjects. BTEC students will be in TGs with other BTEC students.

Every TG has a nominated TG representative. With their help and that of your Personal Progress Tutor, you will soon find your way around college and settle into student life.

Personal Tutor

Your Personal Progress Tutor (PPT) will see you regularly on a one-to-one basis to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

Your PPT can also ensure that you receive additional support as and when you need it, such as careers advice, counselling, help with study and support with like outside College if needed. Students say that they really value having a PPT, so we hope that you make full use of yours during your time at Palmer’s.

Learning Support - Study Plus Centre

The Study Plus Centre offer a wide range of support from dyslexia testing to examination technique. Advice and individual help is available to students to investigate ways of improving your learning skills. A wide range of assistive technology is also available. The student's personal tutor or one of their subject teachers can arrange for an assessment which will lead to a learning plan being produced for them. Students can call into the Study Plus Centre to make an appointment themselves or discuss any issues that may be affecting their learning.

When a student joins Palmer's College, we want to make sure that they get as much support as possible to ensure they are successful. So, every student is offered a screening test to highlight signs of any learning needs. Support mechanisms are then put into place throughout their time at Palmer's College.

Students with a Disability

Palmer's College welcomes students with a disability. We offer tailored support for any physical disability, visual impairment, Dyslexia, Irlens Syndrome and more. We have students already with us with various conditions and the College's Student Services team works closely with these students to ensure they are able to achieve their best.

Should you need to speak to someone about your disability and the support we can offer to ensure they enjoy their time at Palmer's, please contact the Learning Support Manager, Ian Gilling on 01375 370121.

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