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Palmer’s College offers a range of excellent student services to support students whilst at College. For many who have under-achieved at school, the College provides a fresh start. Also, our team of experts can provide individual support to help students achieve their potential.

Counselling Support

Sometimes students face a problem with a personal situation which they do not wish to discuss with their personal tutor. In a situation like this, students can always make an appointment with College Counsellors Nickie Hillebrandt, Vicky Neagan or Zainab Abdul. If students have any problems they can speak to the Counsellors to help resolve the difficulty.

Counselling is a special relationship in which you have someone to talk to who you can trust, who does not make judgements and who will try to understand your feelings and experience. Some agencies hold clinics in College. Information about these services will be advertised in the student newsletter - InPrint.

Study Plus Centre

Our aim in Study Plus is to help all students fulfil their potential and complete their chosen course of study successfully. We offer a wide range of support from dyslexia testing to examination technique. Advice and individual help is available for you to investigate ways of improving your learning skills. A wide range of assistive technology is also available. Your personal tutor or one of your subject teachers can arrange for an assessment which will lead to a learning plan being produced for you. Students can call into the Study Plus Centre to make an appointment or discuss any issues that may be affecting your learning.

Careers Service

Some students have already decided on their future plans but others have not. The College’s Careers team provides an essential service for all our students. The team provide those who have specific ambitions with the guidance necessary to achieve their aims. Students who have not yet decided on a future career will receive the advice and information needed to make an appropriate choice.

Student Executive

The Student Executive are a group of 10 elected students who are the voice of students on campus. The group play a key role in improving the social and academic environment for students as well as hosting a range of fundraising events on campus.

The Medical Room

The Medical Room is available if students are unwell or have an accident in College. If a student feels ill, they are advised not to go home until permission has been given and contact made with their next of kin.

A team of First Aiders are available for students at all times. If a student is feeling unwell, they should go to reception immediately who will call for a First Aider.

N.B. Staff cannot administer any medication to students, including painkillers. If a student requires any medication they will need to carry it.

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