Equality and diversity

Our commitment

Equality and Diversity

Palmer’s College is committed to overcoming barriers to access for all students, staff and visitors. All staff and students should be respected and valued equally; no one should be discriminated against because of ethnicity, gender, age, marital status, disability, social background, sexual orientation or religion.

Disability Statement

If there are any barriers affecting your access to information, the physical environment or the curriculum, or you have a disabling condition, then please make an appointment to see the Learning Support Manager, Ian Gilling.  He will be happy to discuss ways in which we can help. For example, in the past we have provided a care assistant, learning support for dyslexia, timetable planning to ensure accessibility and avoid fatigue, rest/medical room, scribes and reader for written work, access strategies and specialist word processing provision.

If you have had assistance in your previous school please let us know. We cannot be responsible for circumstances caused by disabilities of which we have not been informed.

Single Equality Scheme 

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