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Changes to A-Levels

Since 2000 A-levels have been modular courses, meaning that some exams are taken in the first year of the course and some in the second. The first year, or AS year, has contributed 50% of the marks to the overall A-level grade and the second year, or A2 year, has contributed the other 50%.

From September 2015, A-levels in some subjects are due to change and become linear, meaning that all exams are taken at the end of two years study. AS levels will continue as separate qualifications but the marks will no longer count towards the final A-level. Other subjects will become linear in September 2016 and in September 2017. The document below shows those subjects which are changing and when they change together with a direct link to the Government website.

Our advice to potential A-level students is to gain 3 good A-levels over two years. This meets the requirement of universities and employers. The emphasis is on quality not quantity.

In response to these changes Palmer’s will be offering potential A-level students a core offer of 3 A-levels over two years.

Those students predicted mainly A/A*s in all their GCSEs are strongly advised to take an additional AS in their first year. In their second year, these students will be encouraged to pick up an AS in the Extended Project. The Extended Project will help students develop their research skills and independent study skills; universities and employers highly value these skills.

To view the timeline for A-level reforms, go to The Office of Qualifications and Exams Regulator (Ofqual) website and enter 14/5577 in the search bar then select 'Timeline for AS and A-level reforms'.

Applying to Palmer's College is easy via a simple online application form (*If you are still unsure about your course choices, don't worry just put down the subjects you think you may want to take).

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